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    發布地區:中亞 烏茲別克斯坦
    原文標題:Aloqabank launches UnionPay Commercial Cards for the first time in Uzbekistan
    關鍵詞:烏茲別克斯坦 銀聯商務卡 發卡


    Aloqabank launches UnionPay Business and Corporate Card products in the frame of the UnionPay/Uzcard Co-badge Card Issuance Project for the first time in Uzbekistan. The cards will be issued with contactless (Quick Pass) function. 

    The Bank introduces UPI Classic Business Card to private entrepreneurs and UPI Gold Corporate Card to companies and organizations.

    UnionPay Business and Corporate cards provide meaningful solutions to the customers with a convenient method for paying corporate expenses while ensuring compliance with company policies.

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